How to Wash Turkish Kilim Rugs?

Is it the time to wash the kilim rug you spread months ago? Are you panicking thinking about it might lose its original beauty? Since our Turkish kilim rugs are handmade, they are too delicate for washing and drying. Washing it in a washing machine will take away all the attraction. Moreover, you need to wash it either once a year, or once in the one-and-a-half year.

All of our vintage kilim rugs are antique and have the same patterns and designing on both sides. Therefore, you can spread them on either side. If you feel one side has become dirty enough for washing, flip it over and use it for several more months. When both sides have become dirty, now it’s time for you do rug laundry.

Keeping the delicacy and sensitivity of these rugs in mind, we have prepared for you a simple step-by-step guide on how to clean the rug, especially the one you bought from us. Since we know the threading patterns, knitting, and everything about the making of our rugs, we can guide you better. Follow the steps below in a sequential manner, without skipping any one in between to ensure safe and proper cleaning.

Step One- Brush It Up

First, brush the handmade kilim rug with a hand broom. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner or an electric broom, keep it on low settings and never take to the revolving mode. Also, do not vacuum the fringes even once. Turn the rug upside down and repeat the same process on the other side.

Step Two- Apply Soap of Olive Oil

Take some cold water in a tub and dissolve pure olive oil soap in it. Spread the rug on the floor and pour some of the mixtures on it. Gently spread and rub the mixture lengthwise all over the rug with the help of the edges of your hands. Apply soft strokes to push the dirt away.

Step Three- Brushing with Bristles

Once you have rubbed the entire rug with your hands, take a bristle brush, dip it in the soap mixture, and apply soft strokes just like the way you did in step two. The purpose is again the same as you have to push the dirt away.

Step Four- Use a Pot Lid

It might sound insane, but it’s not! Take a lid of a pot and rub it inversely all over the rug. However, make sure the lid has a rounded structure because it gives soft strokes. Just like the above steps, you still can’t afford rigorous rubbing so keep the process as gentle as possible. Move your hands in a circular motion in this step.

Step Five- Rinsing

Before rinsing, repeat the process two to three times from step three to step four. Once you are done, rinse the rug gently. Using a shower head would be the best, but if you can’t afford it, rinse it any way feasible for you. Make sure you rinse at least three times because the olive oil soap is a bit hard to take out. Furthermore, do every step on both sides of the kilim including rinsing.

Step Six- Drying

Spread the rug on a floor where sunlight falls abundantly. However, do not keep it in a too hot area because the color might fade away. It takes at least two days in drying thoroughly under a moderate sunlight. Turn over the kilim at least twice a day to ensure thorough drying. Never, I repeat, NEVER put the rug in the washing machine dryer for speedy drying.

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