The Best Bohemian Style Rugs

Are you fond of the bohemian style and want to add it to your home’s interior? Do you want the best bohemian rugs for your room? The bohemian style often called as “boho” or “boho chic” is a term for the 1960s or 1970s fashion. The free and flowy fabric is the true soul of the fashion of this era, and we make sure this style is included in our rugs that are made on the bohemian theme.

What is a Bohemian Style Rug?

You might have heard about the bohemian style clothes, but it’s a little difficult to explain it in terms of interior and home design. As mentioned earlier, it’s a style of the mid 20th century, so it’s obvious that it has colors contrasts that belongs to the past. However, the most important aspect of the bohemian era is the environmental concern. Therefore, used clothing and natural fabrics are abundantly used in bohemian styled clothes, and the same applies to rugs.

The flowery designs made out of natural fabrics are dominant in bohemian rugs. Furthermore, to make them more environmentally friendly, used clothing is also utilized in them very smartly. In the past times, fashion was all about harmony, so there isn’t any hard and fast rule that applies to the bohemian style. Anything that makes you feel at peace both with yourself and nature comes under the category of the bohemian fashion. Therefore, the bohemian rugs give a sense of serenity and tranquility.

How Do We Make Bohemian Rugs?

Just like the Turkish kilim rugs, we make the best bohemian rugs as well. We make these old fashioned rugs by adding some latest colors in them; thereby giving a modern interior look with antique rugs. Just like the clothes, the dominant designs of our bohemian rugs are also composed of free and flowing fabrics. Furthermore, we do use some left over clothing to give them the essence of true bohemian style, but the way our experts use them will leave you in awe of them. They use them in thefinest manner that a naked eye cannot detect whether or not old fabrics have been used in them.

To give the rugs the best possible bohemian touch, we add layers to them and keep the fabrics flowing and highlight the flowing pieces with some fitted pieces. Most of the times, we use cotton as a natural fabric as they are more home-friendly and gives you more comfort. However, sometimes we use silk, wool, and loom as well, depending on the design.

Why Should You Choose Bohemian Style Rugs?

The traditional interior designs are back in fashion and the bohemian style dominates them all. To give the best interior looks for 2017, we advise installing at least one of these rugs in your home. Not only do they provide a fine look to your home, but they add harmony in the environment. You get to walk and talk in a better way when there is peace in the air, right?

Just like the Turkish kilim rugs, these are also purely handmade rugs and our experts make the best ones for you. Our work speaks for us and the availability of affordable prices is our standout feature. We pride ourselves in having the most satisfied customers, not only in the United States but throughout the globe. You are always welcome to choose a design from our home design catalog and place an order online. You will love both our designs and quality, just like the way our existing customers do.

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