What Makes Kilim Rugs Special?

Kilim rugs have a lot to offer other than beauty and amazing aesthetics. Since these rugs are handmade, making them is a laborious and tedious process. It takes twelve to sixteen weeks in making just one standard-sized piece. Their importance automatically increases tenfold due to the hard work and time labors put on them.

These handmade rugs are sensitive and very delicate; therefore, they require careful handling and extra care. Even though you can use them as casually as you want, you have to be careful in their handling and keeping.

We have already briefed you about the cleaning guide. Now, let’s talk about the exclusive features of kilim rugs. We will also be giving some care instruction at the end of the article, so that you can use them as long as possible without washing.

Some Exclusive Characters of Turkish Kilim Rugs

Apart from giving an aesthetic personality to your room, the Turkish kilim rugs have some amazing features that make them a wise investment for you. Following are the three characters exclusive of the kilim rugs.

1. Versatile

We have already talked about different ways of using kilim rugs, but we are pretty certain you haven’t given a thought how versatile these rugs are. Other than using them as flooring carpets, you can place them as upholstery on the sofa, make pillow covers out of them, hang them on the wall as an art piece, or replace your bedroom headboard with them. The choice is yours! Whatever way you use them, they will bring life back to your room for sure.

The versatility doesn’t end here! The multiple motif patterns discussed in the previous post give you several choices to choose from. If you are tired of those traditional flowery patterns, go for an eagle or a bird one and add some funkiness. There are other bright and vibrant patterns as well that can have an electrifying effect in your room. What is more, they are also capable of giving a small room a spacious feeling. There are some designs that look roomy enough to spend as much time as you want in there. Moreover, a perfect blend of traditional kilim patterns and modern furniture gives an elegant personality to a room.

2. Timelessness

Continuing from several decades ago, the Turkish kilim rugs are as equally loved as the time when they first evolved. They have proven themselves as the everlasting interior fashion throughout the world, which is why they are sold in equal amount throughout the year and the trend has been continued for long. Even if you try changing the interior look of your home, they fit themselves perfectly in any style you plan to adopt next.

3. Evolving Designs

Even though they are traditional, the designs keep on evolving to cope with the modern demands. The old geometric designs have adopted more subdued colors now that have given them a newer and fancier look. However, the originality of Turkish art hasn’t been lost despite continuous evolution.

Some Care Instructions

If you want to avoid washing kilim rugs frequently, follow the simple instructions given below.

  • Clean them regularly with a vacuum. Do not vacuum flairs and keep the vacuum cleaner on a low setting while cleaning. However, dry cleaning them would be the best choice.
  • Treat Stains Immediately. Call a professional if it’s hard for you to clean an accidental stain. However, you can gently apply a stain remover yourself. Never leave a stain untreated for long as it will go permanent.
  • Hand wash them. NEVER wash them in a washing machine.

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